Whatever they Imagine - Stick Animals!

Whatever they Imagine - Stick Animals!

I absolutely Love making these! it started as a standard gift that I made for Family and Friends kids on their 2nd or 3rd birthday, and it was always a hit. I enjoyed making each one unique for each child, special and different in every way just like them.

I decided to add them as a product on my website about a year ago and they usually have 2 reactions from the Parents at markets - either parents that can't see the imagination in them, or parents fall more in love with them more than the kids, haha.

As for the kids - I have honestly not been at a market where any child has not instinctively ran to them picked them up and started playing with them, haha. and it fills my heart with joy to see kids and young teenagers of all ages love them! Older kids nostalgically longing back to their innocence as their parents say - "come on honey, your too old for that!"

and That's the thing about these stick animals for me. They give the child a safe space where they can dream, where they can go outside and become anyone they want to be. The Coy-boy Hero, the Mermaid queen on her Sea-Horse, or the Fairy Princess or Prince on their Unicorn. I even made one that was fit for the funniest clown in the circus! 

We should give children more space to be children and not dictate for them what they are "too-old" for and what not - because even you go into imagination more when you put eyes on these horses.

Any of the Horses on the website is available for purchase and can be duplicated - But they will always be unique in a way can can't always be duplicated exactly!

If your looking for a horse, Unicorn, Seahorse or maybe even a Dragon! Send me a message and let's work together on the special imagination builder for your little one! They are made pretty strong and from what I've seen my son do , they can handle hard play! For more Options have a look at my Playtime Collection.

I enjoy helping people make things like this, so if you have a project or an idea of something that you want to make for your home or your kids room, definitely don’t hesitate to get in contact with me and we can discuss it! 

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