Christmas Gift Shopping with Little Monsters!

Christmas Gift Shopping with Little Monsters!

Here is my Christmas list of things you can buy on my website- everything uniquely hand made.

Almost all items are also available at the Grove Mall at the Ja trade store in Pretoria.

1️⃣Utility belts 

or Toolbelts and I like to call them - these are the perfect gifts for the little ones that like to help around the house. They are all hand made and are all very unique,


They can be used to play with tools, garden tools or can be used to collect bibs and bobs in the garden! 

Available in the website from R250. I can also supply tools with them if desired.

2️⃣Doll Accessories 

Perfect playing accessories for the little ones that enjoy exploring their motherly side. Can be purchased in sets or individually, depending on your need.

Have a look at the website to see what options are available, they are custom made so I’ll correspond with you on what colours are available.

3️⃣ Sensory Hoola-Hoop 

This is a great gift for the little ones that we’re never sure what to buy - it’s a perfect toy to encourage them to touch and play, and feel the different textures and hear the different sounds.

They can be held up or baby can be placed sitting inside or laying down during Tummy time. They are R250 on the website.

4️⃣ Stick animals 

 I love these! They are all so beautifully unique and fun, they have their own characters and make amazing imagination activators for the little one’s.

It’s also a perfect encouragement to play outside and have some fun, lots of options are available and they are also available at the Ja Trade store in Grove Mall aswell , starting at R350 they differ in prices according to their Trims and additions. They are all aslo made custom and although doubles can be created, they will all always be unique.


5️⃣Dino Tails 

 I love these fun tails! My kids constantly play with them at any given time in the week. They can be made in any colours basically and are so much fun!


They are R150 and can be purchased individually at the Ja Trade store in Grove Mall.


Alternatively have a look at the items that are available here on the website! Bulk prices can be calculated for orders more than 5 Tails at a time.

6️⃣ Loggeez Blokkeez

Loggeez are wonderful imaginative building blocks. Encouraging kids to create their own structures with the hand made 100% natural interlocking blocks


Available on the website in 3 different sizes starting at R350 - all sizes are compatible with each other and all sets can be placed together to make bigger playtime fun! Check them out here!

7️⃣ Al a Doodle onsies

Hand printed onsies available at the Ja Trade store in Grove Mall . Beautiful hand screen-printed and uniquely design by the Creator of Ala Doodle.


Available from R100 , alternatively follow her on social Media and order from her.


8️⃣Little Monsters Gift sets

Check out Some gift sets on my website, perfect for the Little babies in the family. They can be remade into custom colours.


All the items can be purchased individually at the Ja Trade store in Grove Mall.


Special hand crochet and knit items for babies and toddlers. I have a few items that are already made that are available for purchase, as these are custom items stock is usually limited, but maybe I have the special item available just for you!


Alternatively you can place an order for deletion in the new year!

Follow Saartjie along here to keep up to date with her beautiful creations!


🔟 Toy Bags

Lastly a favorite - perfect to take along and travel with- visits to friends or to Grandparents houses. Make sure you have all your toys and goodies packed up and ready to go this festive season with a fun toybag!


Click here for more info - two sizes available, but I make thing’s custom , so let me known if you want a smaller or even bigger one! I’ve even made a tiny one for a Grandma as a make up bag before ! Endless possibilities!

Alternatively click here to have a look at the items that are available here on the website!


If you have any questions about any of the products, let me know! You can just Pop me. WhatsApp- we’re closing on the 15th, so definitely place orders before then!

079 136 00 35

Happy Christmas shopping!

Jani xx