Croc Party

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Croc Party

Never in my life did I think that I would make 11, yes 11 Crocodile tails for a birthday party! *(insert Laugh and big smile)*

But is was such a pleasure to make these! I've always been a Kindred spirit and love all things fun a whimsy, so for me to be able to make these for the part was something special - and further more also because this client was one of my first first  custom order clients about 2 years ago. Having Clients come back to me for more special custom orders is what I love.

So there I went making 11 Green Crocodile tails for a spectacular birthday party, it proved to be a more time consuming task as I imagined and in the week of this deadline I sat with two sick kids, lol, a home, with me.... so at some point I was getting nervous. on Thursday the kids were better so I sent them to school.


I got most of the work done , but with the party that Saturday,I was cutting it close, lol again only to have Lily be sent home again that Friday mid-morning...

Unknowing to me my husband took the afternoon off to take care of Lily, I was so relieved to see him - he basically took over all the duties until 18:00 that evening, haha to poor man even helped me stuff them!

Seeing the photos after makes if all so worth it! It was such a beautiful party, The Mom did so much effort in making this a special day, with almost everything that is edible made by her own hands!

Have a look at some of the beautiful images by 

Laura from @ligenlewefotografie

Discussions around the table in their CrocGear - 

The Beautiful Set up - 

The Birthday Boy!

I also made him a birthday Crown - also available on my Website!

I can do party packs for birthday parties, with discounted prices when bought in Bulk - I'm more than willing to chat to you about it and see what we can work out to make the day perfect!

 You can find the products at the following links:



Just remember if you want to order in a different colour that is not displayed on the website - don't hesitate to let me know - I can easily make something custom for you.

you can send me a mail, a DM on Instagram or Facebook or even a easy whatsapp on 0791360035

I enjoy helping people do things like this, so if you have a project or an idea of something that you want to make for your home or your kids room, definitely don’t hesitate to get in contact with me and we can discuss it!