Dummies; Good or Bad?

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Dummies; Good or Bad?

 I love dummies! Seriously They come in so many shapes and colours, their like the best baby accessory for me. I also love accessorizing them with dummy clips and fun badges. 

Sucking is a powerful reflex that babies have in the weeks after they’re born. Babies don’t just get nutrition from their mother’s milk when they breastfeed – breastfeeding also satisfies their sucking instinct.

I know many people frown upon the use of dummies but I personally am very thankful for the help I’ve received from a dummy , haha. As a new Mom it can be very confusing all the different opinions about dummies. I’m pretty open to all the Pros and Cons, but mostly to the pros and how it has helped me.

  • CON : dummies are bad for their teeth and jaw development ;

For me, Lily started sucking her thumb and that is much worse for her teeth and a harder habit to break than a dummy, so the dummy was the better option here. 

  • CON: As a breastfeeding Mom dummies can cause a drop in milk supply;

So the thinking on this one goes that your baby should use you as the soother and this will also stimulate and boost milk supply, but to be honest after a few cluster and dealing with a needy baby for hours the dummy has provided me some sanity, seriously its insane to be a human Dummy. 

  • PRO: Many studies have suggested dummy use and breastfeeding are important factors for preventing cot death (also known as SIDS [sudden infant death syndrome]). It’s unclear how dummies might protect against SIDS or even if they do actually reduce the risk of SIDS at all. Any association between using dummies and reduced risk of SIDS could be down to lots of other factors, for example:
  • Dummies might prevent babies from rolling onto their front.
  • Sucking on a dummy may keep babies’ tongues forward.
  • A baby that sucks on a dummy might be more still at night, so less likely to become covered by blankets.
  • Parents may check on their baby more frequently if their baby has a dummy.

Apart from the very scary thought from above Dummies have been a Lifesaver for me when it comes to sleep! Seriously with Paul it was his biggest sleep aid and as long as he had his ‘BA’ he would peacefully fall asleep on his own.

For Lily it’s called a ‘NANA’ and she is not as fond as it than Paul but what she is fond of at 13 months is stil breastfeeding..... so the dummy is a lifesaver for me to get her off me. 

Also when the kids fall, get hurt or feel sick or are in scary situations they really help the baby feel soothed and help them cope.

As mentioned above, my favorite pro, Accessorizing !

Here are some images of how enjoy playing and having fun with Dummies! Thank you NUK for these beautiful Dummies!


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