Galaxy Nest and breastfeeding cover - custom order

Galaxy Nest and breastfeeding cover - custom order

I probably say this every time , haha But I LOVED doing this order! So the main reason is the fabric!

The fabric is hand screen Printed fabric from Design Team fabrics, from a time in my life when things felt simple and easy, colourfull and well, haha easy!

I worked for Design Team as a pattern maker and sample designer, meaning I made and tested all their new products. And the Fabric used for this nest was printed for a Kaftan/ shift dress design, and when there was some leftover fabric, I used all my spares money to buy it. In those days I didn’t have kids so all my additional money could be spent on fabric. (Lol) I decided to make myself pants and clothes from the fabric, but as usual I never got around to it, fast forward 2 years and I was pregnant, I decided to make my new baby a nest, from this fabric, coz then I would be looking at the fabric constantly and admiring my baby and the fabric together, haha.

So I made Paul a nest and then I had some fabric left and every-time a client wanted a nest in that fabric, I said it was sold out.

You see Design Team doesn’t print by hand anymore and the fabric has now become a rare commodity to me, I wasn’t about to just let it go.

But then a special friend of mine’s sister got pregnant, and The moment she asked me about the fabric, I knew, I kept if for her, unknowingly. We both share a love of fabric and I just felt like it was meant for her!

It was a pleasure making this nest, she wanted something that was neutral enough to use in their bedroom that wasn’t too ‘baby-themed’ and this fabric was perfect.

I made it with a loose mattress and free hand stitched the mattress with a unique pattern to add to the somewhat accidental galaxy theme.

I also made a matching dummy clip and a breastfeeding cover/muslin blanket, a new product that I’m in the process of launching, so keep a look out-for it!

Click here to order a similar nest - this hand printed fabric however is now out of stock but Design Team Fabrica still do the design, so we can always ask if they can supply us with the fabric, alternatively I can look for similar themes/ look of feels!

Baby Nest perfect for baby 0-24 months. Perfect cozy pod to keep baby snugly and safe where needed. Let baby sleep on a bed, in a crib, or on a flat surface.

Available with a separate pad/mattress or attached, you can choose, but both options can just be popped into the washing machine and dries very quickly!

Made a drawstring to pull in for extra snugly or to open up for a bumper  use in a crib.

Custom Nests can be ordered to your preferences, Also, If you're looking for special bedding that you cant find in a store , don't hesitate to contact me, I can make your expectations come to life!

I enjoy helping people do things like this, so if you have a project or an idea of something that you want to make for your home or your kids room, definitely don’t hesitate to get in contact with me and we can discuss it!

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