Honeycombs Nest- custom Order

Honeycombs Nest- custom Order

I love the colour mustard, it’s possible that if you meet me unexpectedly in a store one day that Ill probably be wearing something mustard yellow or in the same colour family.

So when this order came up I was very happy, it was a bit of a struggle to figure out what colours and prints to combine as it was a gift that someone was buying for someone else , and that van sometimes have me feeling very uncertain, because I want all my clients to LOVE their products made by me, haha. But when I started to cut the fabric I just kept falling in love with it more and more! 

One thing I love about using waffel weave is , it gives texture to the nest, its lovely to wash and get clean and it adds something extra without to much over the too anything that needs to be added!

The other part The very very small OCD person in me enjoys is when the polkadots have a perfect pattern repeat- meaning I can literally follow the dots to create a beautiful pattern on the nest mattress without marking things out, coz the dots are there! Just follow for a pattern!

I originally decided on a chevron pattern but I Somehow followed the wrong dots (lol) and the only way to fix it was to create Diamonds!

What a perfect mistake because it came out soooo nice! I loved it! And luckily so did the client!

I really hope someone orders these colours again! It was just beautiful!

Baby Nest perfect for baby 0-24 months. Perfect cozy pod to keep baby snugly and safe where needed. Let baby sleep on a bed, in a crib, or on a flat surface.

Available with a separate pad/mattress or attached, you can choose, but both options can just be popped into the washing machine and dries very quickly!

Made a drawstring to pull in for extra snugly or to open up for a bumper  use in a crib.

Custom Nests can be ordered to your preferences, Also, If you're looking for special bedding that you cant find in a store , don't hesitate to contact me, I can make your expectations come to life!

I enjoy helping people do things like this, so if you have a project or an idea of something that you want to make for your home or your kids room, definitely don’t hesitate to get in contact with me and we can discuss it! 

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