Plane-time Playmatt - Custom Order

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Plane-time Playmatt - Custom Order

I enjoy having the  opportunity to sometimes make products in fabric that is a little more grown up yet still playful in a way. This order was exactly it for me!

The Mommie to be ordered a playmat for her little baby with an planes theme.

 Well-designed play mats encourage children to develop fine motor skills, visual sensory development and hand-eye coordination. By using bright colours and prints children learn to recognize  letters, numbers, animals, shapes and colors. 

This beautiful play mat can be ordered in custom colours to match your and babies preferences. It is a 1x1m size and has a 20cm bumper around it to protect Baby dot those falls and bumps. 

Great play time play mat for inside or outside with a thick waterproof bottom for durability, also has a good quality 2,5 cm thick foam under babies bum to help with comfort and to keep  baby warm from the cold floor.

You can place an order for one today, and we can discuss the fabric options together! CLICK HERE!

I enjoy helping people do things like this, so if you have a project or an idea of something that you want to make for your home or your kids room, definitely don’t hesitate to get in contact with me and we can discuss it!