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I recently did a order for a mommy that wanted dinosaur printed fabric. It was quite the task to find the right fabric, but once I did it all turned beautiful! I enjoyed the vibrant colours and the fun playfulness of it all. I paired the Specially printed Dino Park fabric from Figtree Fabrics with a royal Bluish waffle weave for the bedding set and waterproof canvas or the play mat. I also made a diaper changing cover with a waterproof toweling insert in the middle. We also did cozy covers and some other baby accessories. OH! and my very first Breastfeeding...

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colourful kids clothing, colourfull, design, Dino tail, DINOSAURS, Dress up, fun, hand made, kids, play, Toddler birthday -

Never in my life did I think that I would make 11, yes 11 Crocodile tails for a birthday party! *(insert Laugh and big smile)* But is was such a pleasure to make these! I've always been a Kindred spirit and love all things fun a whimsy, so for me to be able to make these for the part was something special - and further more also because this client was one of my first first  custom order clients about 2 years ago. Having Clients come back to me for more special custom orders is what I love. So there...

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