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The Doll playtime set is perfect for any little one that enjoys playing Mommy or Daddy. It consists of 6 pieces. Read more here about this new product!

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baby products, colourful kids clothing, colourfull, design, dummy, fabric, fun, hand made, kids, newborn -

 I love dummies! Seriously They come in so many shapes and colours, their like the best baby accessory for me. I also love accessorizing them with dummy clips and fun badges.  Sucking is a powerful reflex that babies have in the weeks after they’re born. Babies don’t just get nutrition from their mother’s milk when they breastfeed – breastfeeding also satisfies their sucking instinct. I know many people frown upon the use of dummies but I personally am very thankful for the help I’ve received from a dummy , haha. As a new Mom it can be very confusing all...

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