Vintage Anna-Bell Blooms

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Vintage Anna-Bell Blooms

This order truly was an exciting one. It's one of my biggest orders up to date, and in the most spectacular fabric options! I was honestly In love.


I myself love printed fabrics and rich bold colours, so this was perfect for me!

The client ordered a Bumper , a Duvet cover+inner, a Pillow cover and a Baby nest. The order has now been loaded onto the website as an option to purchase!

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Duvet cover Set for most standard size cribs + a Standard size pillow and small Pillow and a Bumper.

a Standard Crib Bumper and Cover to protect Baby from bumps while in the Crib.

A Custom Nest -with a removable mattress

The Client Painted her Baby Crib in green and it beautifully complemented the Floral print with the rich maroon waffle weave fabric.

The Duvet Inner and cover was a first time for me, for a client and I was very happy with the way it came out.

Crib Bumper Inner is made of easy breathe foam and is perfect for providing comfy and safe cushioning for your baby while they sleep and play.

The Baby Nest is perfect for baby 0-24 months. Perfect cozy pod to keep baby snugly and safe where needed. Let baby sleep on a bed, in a crib, or on a flat surface. Available with a separate mattress of attached, all the nests can be flipped around and made to look different.

Don't Hesitate to contact me for any similar or custom orders! I love working with people to make their visions come true.

I enjoy helping people do things like this, so if you have a project or an idea of something that you want to make for your home or your kids room, definitely don’t hesitate to get in contact with me and we can discuss it! 

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